About Us

Hey Everyone, Welcome to Sonia Bakes Cakes. My name is Sonia Seivwright, I am 29 years old. I am the founder of Sonia Bakes Cakes. You might have known me through my Lifestyle blog – Life With Sonia, where I share life as a single mother with my readers. Featuring the good, bad and ugly sides of raising a child independently. If you haven’t check it out, visit www.lifewithsonia.com. If this your first time meeting me, HAAAYYYY! 

A Little History

I started baking as a child when I was in Primary School in Nigeria. I fell in love with the skill, the result and I decided to take more classes here in the U.K to develop her knowledge about the industry. Growing up, I remember my grandmother used to baked anything and everything. She notices how much interest I had with baking and decides to share her special tips and recipes with me. It was then I knew I can never escape my first love. Determined to master my skills on baking, I took on more classes, watching YouTube videos, and practice and practice. 


Now, I share my skills with my daughter at home. She’s very much into baking, sometimes she’ll wake up and ask ‘What are we baking today?’ or ‘Can we please bake cupcakes today, mum?’. Together we have baked and failed many times, and we have build up a strong bond through baking. However, due to my busy lifestyle, where I was studying and working as well as being a mother to her, we have – I would say discounted but I feel the baking scene had disappear and to be honest, I miss bonding with her and laughing and talking about anything and everything. 

So that’s why I decided create this blog, to share something that we both enjoy doing with the world, and hopefully it will inspire all parents to bond with their children more. I know we are all busy and life is getting harder everyday, but I believe that nothing is more important than bonding with your child, especially if it’s doing something that you both enjoy and helps build their future.

Let’s Bake

Join us and feel free to engage with us and share with your family and friends!